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Here's just a few...

Kevin Alapai

"MxFitCo has changed my life! Jeremy will hold you accountable for workouts, nutrition, and check in with you constantly. Don't worry if you don't have a gym membership or limited equipment, they will work with what you have and make some killer workouts no matter the circumstance. The nutrition plans are easy to follow as everything is laid out from when to eat, how much to eat, and what to eat according to your goals. My on the bike fitness improved dramatically just from nutrition and workouts alone! All in all I would 100% do it again and I'm happy to be apart of the MxFitco crew of athletes and give a 10/10 rating. If you are a person that wants to be more fit on and off the bike, have a better looking and performing physique and get your hydration and nutrition dialed then look no further than MxFitCo!"

Trenton Doling

"Jeremy is legit. He's all in and has embedded himself into the sport. The program explores all aspects. The workouts are ass kickers that address the strength, balance, and endurance demands of moto. The nutrition element is good education and provides an easy platform to ensure you're fueling/hydrating yourself properly. Lastly, Jeremy's emphasis on mindset and the community he's created helps to drive you; not only in regards to training, but other areas of life as well. 

Cool dude, happy to see someone investing their whole self into the sport."

Jake Hernandez

"Results don't lie. Get on the program and find out for yourself. 100% recommend signing up."

Erik Welch

"Must try this program. MxFitCo is a spot on routine, they know all the ins and outs to help you achieve your goals. For the Mx program you will quickly notice your gains on the bike! Jeremy is a solid straight up dude and will definitely help you out!"

Nate Hamilton

"Killer program with a great trainer.

Jeremy’s a beast of a trainer and wants the best for his clients and is just as stoked for results as you are! His program is extremely effective for getting into better shape on the bike and in everyday activity. He wants what’s best for his clients and holds them accountable and wants them to succeed. Stoked to be a part of his program!"

Alan Lobou

"If you are looking to make improvements in your riding or just all-around health and fitness, MxFitCo is definitely the way to go. It has helped me tremendously in many different ways. On and off the bike! You will see results extremely fast. Jeremy really knows what he is doing and is super easy to work with. He will customize a plan that works for you and is always looking for ways to improve. The gains i have seen for myself in the last 2 months have been absolutely crazy. Not only is my body looking better, i feel so much stronger on the bike. I 100% recommend signing up. It has been worth every penny and it was the best decision ive made as far as a trainer! "

Blake Oldfield

"Loved every bit of this program Jeremy put together. The workouts pushed me physically which resulted in me noticing more endurance on my bike and a better physique. Awesome guy to talk to and him and Jake (other trainer) constantly check in to get feedback. 10/10 would do it again!"

Nate Scott

"DO IT. MxFitCo has provided great workouts, nutrition, and riding tips to help lift my game. Accountability has been easy since there’s always check in’s or quick responses if I need anything else. I feel myself getting stronger on the bike, stronger in the gym and the results show. It’s is exactly what I wanted to sign up for and I have no negative comments. Hard work pays off there is no reason not to sign up."

Chase Kanzel

"MxFitCo definitely was the missing link in my racing preparations. I've learned so much and improved on and off the bike with the program. Jeremy is the man and always makes sure your on your p’s and q’s, and takes the time to answer any questions. Highly recommend this for all motocross riders!"

Jake Sabatini

"Super effective program. I love everything that Jeremy does for me to try and push my skill to the next level. The workouts are tailored to what I enjoy but also push me to do things I probably wouldn’t be doing on my own. I am enjoying all the workouts he has me doing and the accountability portion of the program is just as great. It’s much more motivating to go break your ass on the stationary bike knowing that someone is witnessing your achievement and pushing you to keep going. Overall very good program and I’m thrilled I started doing it."

Jeremy Keech

This program transformed my entire life. I put my whole heart into making sure that each and every client of mine is absolutely stoked on their program and achieves the results they're after. Schedule a call with me below and let's make you the next success story on this page 💯

Josh Vanlanduyt

"I’ve been working with Jeremy at mxfitco for a little while now and it has been the best thing for overall health and performance on the bike. My custom training schedule has gotten me faster and In better shape than ever before. Training specifically for motocross will be way more beneficial than any performance part or fanciest bike you can think of. 10/10 recommend to anyone and everyone."

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